Q. How Do You Get Paid If You Do Not Have a Business? You can use your personal payment gateway. zelle, cash app, venmo, etc.

Q. Why Should I Join The Alliance? You have to answer this question for yourself. Once you identify what you love to do, The Alliance will help you reach your goals.

Q. How Do You Determine What Investments Will Be Made 1st? Most investments are not new. They are just a new way of doing them. If it can be implemented with the current resources we have access to including financially, its worth the investment.

Q. How Can The Alliance Guarantee My Money Is Safe? Although there is never a 100% guarantee for anything, The Alliance does not use your money for investments. Your money is used as leverage to gain cashflow and credit lines that are used for most start ups and purchases.

Q. What If I Decide The Alliance Isn’t For Me? You can opt out at anytime. You will be refunded the amount you paid in with minus any payouts you have received from any of our platforms. We operate in quarterly phases which means, you forfeit any earnings that occur within that quarter and any payments due will cycle back into The Alliance.

Q. When Can I Expect To Have My First Payout? Your first payout can happen within 24 hours depending on when you join and what platforms we our apart of that you decide to opt-in on.

Q. What Are The Acceptable Forms Of Payment To Join The Alliance? paypal, zelle, venmo.

Q.How Do I Submit An Idea For Funding? At the beginning of each quarter we send out an idea submission form. The Elite Decision Makers review each idea and indicate what ways they can help make the vision a reality.

Q. What Is The Total Number Of Members That Can Join The Alliance? Our Total Target number is 1000 members across different states.

Q. How Is Total Profit Determined? Total profit is the Gross minus the initial expenses minus the renewal.

Q. Do I Pay Tax On My Payout? Some things are taxable and some are not. You can use your own financial advisor or you can use The Elite Financial Advisor to guide you.

Q. What Is Meant By Mindset Requirement? You have to be willing to not dwell on the negative and to focus on moving forward and helping.

Q. Can I Change Between Member Types? You can always upgrade to the next membership type. You pay the difference between the pricing at that time.

Q. What If I Don’t Have Social Media? Although not a requirement, it's highly recommended to accelerate your success.

Q. Why Is The Buy In So Low? The cost of doing business has reduced with the high demand of internet based business. We believe that you don’t have to keep charging for information that has already been paid for and can easily be shared to those that want to learn.

Q. Who created the alliance? Mike Watson

Q. Who can join the alliance? An existing business or someone interested in starting a business.

Q. Are there restrictions to who can join? Must pass the prerequisite assessment.

Q. What do contributions go towards? Company maintenance and startup costs.

Q. What is the future goal of the alliance? To help each individual brand elevate to their highest level and become financially free.

Have a question? Please send an email to contact@elitemoneymakingalliance.com

Elite Money Making Alliance Address: [Full address available upon request] Kenosha, WI, USA Telephone number: (262)-455-9464

WebSite: www.EliteMoneyMakingAlliance.com

Effective as of May 2021